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Trent Park, 26th December 2022 Results
Boxmoor, 10th December 2022 Results
Stanborough, 5th November 2022 Results
Northaw, 23rd October 2022 Results
Verulamium, 1st October 2022 Results
Nomansland, 10th September 2022 Results
WGC Street-O Finale, 6th September 2022 Results
Jersey Farm Street-O, 30th August 2022 Results
Harpenden North West Street-O, 23rd August 2022 Results
Hitchin East Street-O, 16th August 2022 Results
Flamstead End Street-O, 9th August 2022 Results
Borehamwood North Street-O, 2nd August 2022 Results
Hatfield South Street-O, 26th July 2022 Results
Stevenage North East Street-O, 12th July 2022 Results
Haberdashers, 9th July 2022 Results
Hemel Hempstead (Grovehill) Street-O, 5th July 2022 Results
Stotfold Street-O, 28th June 2022 Results
Harpenden West Street-O, 21st June 2022 Results
Potters Bar Street-O, 14th June 2022 Results
Ware Street-O, 7th June 2022 Results
Highfield Park, June 4th 2022 Results
WGC North East Street-O, 31st May 2022 Results
Letchworth South Street-O, 24th May 2022 Results
Stevenage North West Street-O, 17th May 2022 Results
Harpenden East Street-O, 10th May 2022 Results
Welwyn Garden City Race, 8th May 2022 Results
Fairlands, 7th May 2022 Results
Leverstock Green Street-O, 3rd May 2022 Results
Wheathampstead Street-O, 26th April 2022 Results
Cassiobury, 2nd April 2022 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 5th March 2022 Results
Ace of Herts, Ashridge 27th February 2022 Results
Mardley Heath, 5th February 2022 Results
Panshanger, 8th January 2022 Results


Trent Park Boxing Day Score Results
Chipperfield, 4th December 2021 Results
Ellenbrook, 6th November 2021 Results
Heartwood, October 2nd 2021 Results
Welwyn Garden City Snooker-O, 7th September 2021 Results
Jersey Farm, 4th September 2021 Results
Hammond Street Street-O, 31st August 2021 Results
Redbourn Street-O, 24th August 2021 Results
Welwyn Garden City (Haldens) Street-O, 17th August 2021 Results
St Albans WSW Street-O, 10th August 2021 Results
Welwyn Garden City (Peartree) Street-O, 3rd August 2021 Results
Colney Heath Street-O, 27th July 2021 Results
Bishop’s Stortford Street-O, 20th July 2021 Results
Croxley Green Street-O, 13th July 2021 Results
Welwyn Village Street-O, 6th July 2021 Results
Moneyhole, 3rd July 2021 Results
Harpenden NW Street-O, 29th June 2021 Results
Hatfield North Street-O, 22nd June 2021 Results
St Albans Camp Street-O, 15th June 2021 Results
Stevenage North Street-O, 8th June 2021 Results
Stanborough Park, 5th June 2021 Results
Cuffley Street-O, 1st June 2021 Results
Harpenden South Street-O, 25th May 2021 Results
Nomansland, 8th May 2021 Results
Verulamium, 10th April 2021 Results


Ellenbrook, 3rd October 2020 Results
Highfield Park, 5th September 2020 Results
Mardley Heath, 7th March 2020 Results
Ace of Herts & Interland, 1st March 2020 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 1st February 2020 Results
Northaw, 4th January 2020 Results


Trent Park, 26th December 2019 Results
Verulamium, 7th December 2019 Results
Ellenbrook, 2nd November 2019 Results
Ashridge, 13th October 2019 Results
Heartwood, 5th October 2019 Results
HH Sprint Championships, 10th September 2019 Results
Jersey Farm, September 7th 2019 Results
Stevenage (N) Street-O, 3rd September 2019 Results
Stevenage (S) Street-O, 27th August 2019 Results
Harpenden (W) Street-O, 20th August 2019 Results
Harpenden (E) Street-O, 13th August 2019 Results
Wheathampstead Street-O, 6th August 2019 Results
St Albans (NE) Street-O, 30th July 2019 Results
St Albans (W) Street-O, 23rd July 2019 Results
St Albans (SE) Street-O, 16th July 2019 Results
London Colney Street-O, 9th July 2019 Results
Highfield Park GLOSS, 6th July 2019 Results
Potters Bar Street-O, 2nd July 2019 Results
Hatfield South Street-O, 25th June 2019 Results
Hatfield North Street-O, 18th June 2019 Results
Welwyn GC South Street-O, 11th June 2019 Results
Welwyn GC North Street-O, 4th June 2019 Results
Nomansland, 1st June 2019 Results
Welwyn Village Street-O, 28th May 2019 Results
Welwyn GC (Panshanger) Street-O, 21st May 2019 Results
Hertford Street-O, 14th May 2019 Results
Stanborough, 11th May 2019 Results
Ware Street-O, 7th May 2019 Results
Panshanger, 6th April 2019 Results
Sherrards Parkwood, 2nd March 2019 Results
Ashridge, Feb 24th 2019 Results
Chipperfield, 2nd February 2019 Results
Mardley, 5th January 2019 Results


Trent Park, 26th December 2018 Results
Verulamium, 1st December 2018 Results
HABS, 3rd November 2018 Results
Northaw Great Wood, 21st October 2018 Results
Fairlands Valley, 6th October 2018 Results
HH Sprint Championships, 4th September 2018 Results
Highfield Park, 1st September 2018 Results
Ellenbrook Rural Street-O, 28th August 2018 Results
Wheathampstead Rural Street-O, 21st August 2018 Results
Berkhamsted Street-O, 14th August 2018 Results
Hemel Hempstead Street-O, 7th August 2018 Results
Wheathampstead Street-O, 31st July 2018 Results
Hertford Street-O, 24th July 2018 Results
Kings Langley Street-O, 17th July 2018 Results
Harpenden West Street-O, 10th July 2018 Results
Ellenbrook GLOSS, 7th July 2018 Results
Harpenden East Street-O, 3rd July 2018 Results
Tewin Street-O, 26th Jun 2018 Results
St Albans (Jersey Farm) Street-O, 19th June 2018 Results
Welwyn Garden City Street-O, 12th June 2018 Results
Redbourn Street-O, 5th June 2018 Results
Cassiobury, 2nd June 2018 Results
Stevenage Street-O, 29th May 2018 Results
Welwyn Street-O, 22nd May 2018 Results
Broxbourne Street-O, 15th May 2018 Results
Hatfield Street-O 8th May 2018 Results
Mardley Heath, 5th May 2018 Results
Hoddesdon Street-O 1st May 2018 Results
St Albans South Street-O 24th April 2018 Results
Panshanger Street-O 17th April 2018 Results
St Albans Street-O 10 April 2018 Results
Chipperfield, 24th March 2018 Results
Egypt & Burnham, 25th February 2018 Results
Fairlands Valley, 3rd February 2018 Results
Sherrards, 6th January 2018 Results
Stanborough Park 45 Minute Score, 1st January 2018 Results


Trent Park Score, 26th December 2017 Results
Highfield Park Score Event, 24th December 2017 Results
Verulamium, 2nd December 2017 Results
Stanborough, 4th November 2017 Results
Rothamsted, 7th October 2017 Results
De Havilland Campus AGM Sprint, 5th September 2017 Results
Nomansland, 2nd September 2017 Results
Highfield Park-O 29 August 2017 Results
Verulamium Park-O 22 August 2017 Results
Stanborough Park-O 15 August 2017 Results
Panshanger Park-O 8 August 2017 Results
Fairlands Valley Street-O 1 August 2017 Results
Harpenden Street-O 25 July 2017 Results
Berkhamsted Street-O 18 July 2017 Results
Cassiobury Park, GLOSS, 16th July 2017 Results
Welwyn Street-O 11 July 2017 Results
Harpenden West Street-O 4 July 2017 Results
Highfield Park St Albans, 1st July 2017 Results
Welwyn Garden City Street-O 27 June 2017 Results
Ayot Street-O 20 June 2017 Results
Wheathampstead Street-O 13 June 2017 Results
Kings Langley Street-O 6 June 2017 Results
Hertford Street-O 30 May 2017 Results
Radlett Street-O 23 May 2017 Results
St Albans Street-O 16 May 2017 Results
Oaklands, May 13th 2017 Results
Hatfield South Street-O, 9th May 2017 Results
Cuffley Street-O, 2nd May 2017 Results
Mardley Heath, April 1st 2017 Results
Ashridge Compass Sport Heat, March 12th 2017 Results
Chipperfield, March 4th 2017 Results
Northaw, February 19th 2017 Results
Fairlands Valley Park, 4th February 2017 Results
Heartwood, 7th January 2017 Results


Trent Park, 26th December 2016 Results
Cassiobury Park, 3rd December 2016 Results
Stanborough Park, 12th November 2016 Results
Verulamium, 1st October 2016 Results
WGC East Street-O, 27th September 2016 Results
WGC East Street-O, 20th September 2016 Results
Marshalswick Street-O, 13th September 2016 Results
Jersey Farm Street-O, 6th September 2016 Results
Ellenbrook, 3rd September 2016 Results
Panshanger Park Street-O, 30th August 2016 Results
Hertford Street-O, 23rd August 2016 Results
Heartwood Forest Street-O, 16th August 2016 Results
Wheathampstead Street-O, 9th August 2016 Results
Welwyn North Street-O, 2nd August 2016 Results
Welwyn North Street-O, 26th July 2016 Results
Potters Bar Street-O, 19th July 2016 Results
Radlett Street-O, 12th July 2016 Results
Haberdashers, 9th July 2016 Results
Harpenden Street-O, July 5th 2016 Results
Wormley Woods & Yvette Baker Trophy, 3rd July 2016 Results
Abbots Langley Street-O, 28th June 2016 Results
Harpenden Street-O, 21st June 2016 Results
Leverstock Green Street-O, 14th June 2016 Results
St Albans Street-O, 7th June 2016 Results
Verulamium Street-O, 31st May 2016 Results
Stevenage Street-O, 24th May 2016 Results
Fairlands Valley Stevenage Street-O, 17th May 2016 Results
South Hatfield Street-O , 10th May 2016 Results
Nomansland, 7th May 2016 Results
South Hatfield Street-O , 3rd May 2016 Results
Chipperfield, 2nd April 2016 Results
Frithsden, 19th March 2016 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 27th February 2016 Results
Ashridge North, 21st February 2016 Results
Panshanger Country Park, 16th January 2016 Results
Mardley Heath Night, 2nd January 2016 Results
Highfield Park, 1st January 2016 Results


Trent Park, 26th December 2015 Results
HH Club Championships, 13th December 2015 Results
Verulamium, 5th December 2015 Results
SE Nights, Ashridge, 14th November 2015 Results
Stanborough Park, 7th November 2015 Results
St Albans City Race, 25th October 2015 Results
Oaklands, 3rd October 2015 Results
Burnham Beeches, 5th September 2015 Results
Street O Summer Series – 2015 (all events) Results
Cassiobury Park, 4th July 2015 Results
Highfield Park, 13th June 2015 Results
Nomansland, May 9th 2015 Results
Mardley Heath – 11th April, 2015 Results
Ashridge South Results
Phasels Wood – 24th January 2105 Results
Whippendell – Night Event 3rd January 2015 Results


Trent Park – 26th December, 2014 Results
HH Club Championships 2014 – Results Results
Heartwood – 6th December, 2014 Results
Stanborough – 1st November, 2014 Results
Verulamium – Saturday October 4th, 2014 Results
Ellenbrook – Saturday September 6th, 2014 Results
AGM Sprint Race, 2nd September, 2014 Results
Whippendell Woods – Saturday 5th July 2014 Results
HABS – Saturday 7th June 2014 Results
Cassiobury – Saturday May 10th 2014 Results
SE Middle Distance Championships – Mardley April 27th 2014 Results
SE Sprints Oaklands College 26 April 14 Results
Chipperfield – Saturday April 5th 2014 Results
Northaw – HH Saturday League, March 1st 2014 Results
Nomansland – HH Saturday League, Feb 1st 2014 Results
Ashridge Regional Event, January 19th 2014 Results
Cassiobury Night Event, 4th January 2014 Results

StreetO Summer Series 2014

StreetO Winter Series 2013-14

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2013 Trent Park Score Event, 26th December 2013 Results
Rothamsted, 7th December 2013 Results
HH Club Champs (Epping SW), 17th November 2013 Results
Stanborough, 9th November 2013 Results
Northaw, 20th October 2013 Results
Verulamium, 5th October 2013 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 7th September 2013 Results
HH Sprint Champs(Highfield), 3rd September 2013 Results
StreetO Summer Series 2013 Results
Haberdashers, 29th June 2013 Results
Highfield, 1st June 2013 Results
Chipperfield, 11th May 2013 Results
St Albans, 28th April 2013 Results
Nomansland, 6th April 2013 Results
Ashridge, 2nd March 2013 Results
Burnham, 24th February 2013 Results
Phasels Wood, 2nd February 2013 Results
Verulamium, 5th January 2013 Results
2012 Trent Park, 26th December 2012 Results
Heartwood, 1st December 2012 Results
Gadebridge, 3rd November 2012 Results
Northaw, 14th October 2012 Results
Ellenbrook, 6th October 2012 Results
Verulamium, 1st September 2012 Results
StreetO Summer Series 2012 Results
Highfield, 7th July 2012 Results
Mardley, 26th May 2012 Results
Ellenbrook, 28th April 2012 Results
Stanborough, 31st March 2012 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 3rd March 2012 Results
Ashridge, 4th February 2012 Results
Northaw, 22nd January 2012 Results
2011 Trent Park, 26th December 2011 Results
Gadebridge, 3rd December 2011 Results
Haberdashers, 5th November 2011 Results
Verulamium, 1st October 2011 Results
Stanborough, 3rd September 2011 Results
StreetO Summer Series 2011 Results
Whippendell, 2nd July 2011 Results
Highfield, 4th June 2011 Results
Mardley, 7th May 2011 Results
Boxmoor, 26th March 2011 Results
Phasels Wood, 5th March 2011 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 5th February 2011 Results
Ashridge, 23rd January 2011 Results
2010 Trent Park, 26th December 2010 Results
Stanborough, 6th November 2010 Results
Verulamium, 2nd October 2010 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 12th September 2010 Results
St Albans, 20th July 2010 Results
Stanborough, 13th July 2010 Results
Verulamium, 6th July 2010 Results
Haberdashers, 3rd July 2010 Results
Jersey Farm, 29th June 2010 Results
Nomansland, 22nd June 2010 Results
Whippendell, 6th June 2010 Results
Highfield, 5th June 2010 Results
Highfield, 8th May 2010 Results
Northaw, 13th March 2010 Results
Burnham, 28th February 2010 Results
Broxbourne, 6th February 2010 Results
2009 Trent Park, 26th December 2009 Results
Verulamium, 12th December 2009 Results
Rothamsted, 7th November 2009 Results
Ashridge, 11th October 2009 Results
Stanborough, 26th September 2009 Results
RAF Halton, 10th September 2009 Results
chorleywood, 4th July 2009 Results
Highfield, 6th June 2009 Results
Mardley, 25th April 2009 Results
Cassiobury, 7th March 2009 Results
Burnham, 22nd February 2009 Results
Croxley, 31st January 2009 Results
2008 Northaw, 14th December 2008 Results
Phasels Wood, 6th December 2008 Results
Verulamium, 1st November 2008 Results
Rothamsted, 4th October 2008 Results
Queenswood School, 10th September 2008 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 7th September 2008 Results
Whippendell, 27th July 2008 Results
Stanborough, 21st June 2008 Results
Wormley Wood, 8th March 2008 Results
Ashridge, 2nd February 2008 Results
Nomansland, 5th January 2008 Results
2007 Ruislip, 1st December 2007 Results
Northaw, 11th November 2007 Results
Phasels Wood, 3rd November 2007 Results
Stanborough, 13th October 2007 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 8th September 2007 Results
Rothamsted, 30th June 2007 Results
Stanborough, 16th June 2007 Results
Highfield, 2nd June 2007 Results
Verulamium, 12th May 2007 Results
Frithsden, 14th April 2007 Results
Burnham, 18th March 2007 Results
Ashridge, 3rd March 2007 Results
Phasels Wood, 3rd February 2007 Results
Ashridge, 21st January 2007 Results
Northaw, 6th January 2007 Results
2006 Whippendell, 9th December 2006 Results
Verulamium, 2nd December 2006 Results
Croxley, 4th November 2006 Results
Stanborough, 14th October 2006 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 24th September 2006 Results
Queenswood School, 19th September 2006 Results
Bentley Priory, 2nd September 2006 Results
chorleywood, 29th July 2006 Results
Whippendell, 2nd July 2006 Results
Stanborough, 10th June 2006 Results
Frithsden, 3rd June 2006 Results
Mardley, 6th May 2006 Results
Stanborough, 4th May 2006 Results
Northaw, 23rd April 2006 Results
Cassiobury, 4th March 2006 Results
Burnham, 19th February 2006 Results
Phasels Wood, 4th February 2006 Results
Nomansland, 7th January 2006 Results
2005 Rothamsted, 3rd December 2005 Results
Ashridge, 5th November 2005 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 16th October 2005 Results
Verulamium, 1st October 2005 Results
Queenswood School, 22nd September 2005 Results
chorleywood, 3rd September 2005 Results
Bentley Priory, 2nd July 2005 Results
Croxley, 4th June 2005 Results
Chipperfield, 2nd April 2005 Results
Stanborough, 5th March 2005 Results
Millwards Park, 20th February 2005 Results
Phasels Wood, 5th February 2005 Results
Ashridge, 1st January 2005 Results
2004 chorleywood, 4th December 2004 Results
Chorleywood, 20th November 2004 Results
Millwards Park, 6th November 2004 Results
Cassiobury, 31st October 2004 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 2nd October 2004 Results
Bentley Priory, 4th September 2004 Results
Frithsden, 7th August 2004 Results
Phasels Wood, 3rd July 2004 Results
Balls Park, 5th June 2004 Results
Mardley, 8th May 2004 Results
Chipperfield, 3rd April 2004 Results
Burnham, 21st March 2004 Results
Verulamium, 6th March 2004 Results
Chorleywood, 7th February 2004 Results
Ashridge, 11th January 2004 Results
Queenswood School, 3rd January 2004 Results
2003 Fairlands valley, 6th December 2003 Results
Stanborough, 1st November 2003 Results
Cassiobury, 4th October 2003 Results
Bentley Priory, 6th September 2003 Results
Whippendell, 5th July 2003 Results
chorleywood, 21st June 2003 Results
Phasels Wood, 7th June 2003 Results
Queenswood School, 28th May 2003 Results
Balls Park, 10th May 2003 Results
Rothamsted, 5th April 2003 Results
Verulamium, 29th March 2003 Results
Millwards Park, 23rd March 2003 Results
Verulamium, 1st March 2003 Results
Burnham, 16th February 2003 Results
Chipperfield, 8th February 2003 Results
Stanborough, 4th January 2003 Results
2002 Sherrardspark Wood, 8th December 2002 Results
Ruislip, 7th December 2002 Results
Mardley, 2nd November 2002 Results
Balls Park, 5th October 2002 Results
Chorleywood, 7th September 2002 Results
Verulamium, 6th July 2002 Results
Mardley, 16th June 2002 Results
Phasels Wood, 8th June 2002 Results
Whippendell, 11th May 2002 Results
Millwards Park, 28th April 2002 Results
Bentley Priory, 6th April 2002 Results
Rothamsted, 2nd March 2002 Results
Burnham, 10th February 2002 Results
Nomansland, 2nd February 2002 Results
Chipperfield, 5th January 2002 Results
2001 Ashridge, 2nd December 2001 Results
Verulamium, 1st December 2001 Results
Cassiobury, 3rd November 2001 Results
Phasels Wood, 13th October 2001 Results
Balls Park, 29th September 2001 Results
Verulamium, 24th June 2001 Results
North Watford, 10th June 2001 Results
Harpenden, 27th May 2001 Results
Harrow, 13th May 2001 Results
Welwyn Garden City, 29th April 2001 Results
St Albans, 25th March 2001 Results
Ashridge, 21st January 2001 Results
2000 Whippendell, 29th October 2000 Results
Verulamium, 15th October 2000 Results
Whippendell, 30th September 2000 Results
Whippendell, 3rd September 2000 Results
Oxhey, 23rd July 2000 Results
Verulamium, 9th July 2000 Results
Whippendell, 25th June 2000 Results
Ruislip, 9th April 2000 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 5th March 2000 Results
1999 Chorleywood, 31st October 1999 Results
Bentley Priory, 17th October 1999 Results
Chipperfield, 12th September 1999 Results
Verulamium, 9th July 1999 Results
Chorleywood, 25th April 1999 Results
Burnham, 21st February 1999 Results
Ruislip, 17th January 1999 Results
1998 Burnham, 8th November 1998 Results
Burnham, 8th February 1998 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 11th January 1998 Results
1997 Bentley Priory, 20th April 1997 Results
Hatfield, 2nd March 1997 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 12th January 1997 Results
1996 Ashridge, 8th December 1996 Results