Highfield Park, 5th September 2020

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If you have any queries or corrections, please email results@herts-orienteering.club

Organiser’s Comments

Well it’s great to be out orienteering again, isn’t it? Thank you all for cooperating with all the extra distancing and sanitising. As ever, thanks also to the volunteers, who this time had to cope with some very different circumstances.

We apologise for those who had to use recycled – but appropriately sanitised – maps. The printers went with a draft set of numbers which were later increased. Thanks to those who allowed their maps to be recycled. PDFs of each course are below if you would like to download them.

And there seems to be an issue for some of your times. 4 controls seem to have been way out of synch with the others and not correctly cleared despite the planner synching them last night. Unfortunately one of those was one of the Finish controls. Most people used the correct Finish control, but a lucky few of you have had your times reduced by 32s. We haven’t updated the split times affected by the other 3 controls (Control 201 28s fast, 203 21s fast and 208 24s fast), but they have been adjusted in Routegadget.

Still, when we look back on it, we’ll remember it was a lovely day, Simon’s courses extracted the maximum out of a limited area, and everybody seemed to get on well with orienteering with appropriate social distancing.