Stanborough, 5th November 2022

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Organiser’s Comments

Stanborough is one of our most popular areas and we have been having at least one event per year here over the last twenty years or more, so the opportunity to do anything new is limited. However, it does offer the chance for people to get involved for the first time and we are glad to be able to include Elizabeth Disney to our list of planners: her first attempt at planning was well received.

Another 100+ turnout (despite the iffy weather) is testament to the popularity of our Saturday Series and it is always great to see people who have never done the sport before – and also a group of people that were back for their first time in many years! I felt a bit sorry for the pair who arrived at the registration tent at 11:16 and were unable to enter – hope they get the chance to do so before too long (I think they may have had an unofficial walk-around with an Orange map).

Thanks again to all the helpers who continue to make our events smooth and successful but, please, could someone organise better weather for me next time!!

Photos (credit: David Dixon) – more here.