Wormley Woods & Yvette Baker Trophy, 3rd July 2016

Organisers Comments

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Planner’s Comments

Unlike so many other orienteering areas, most of Wormley Wood is free of undergrowth, so it can be used for summer events. We are grateful to Chigwell & Epping Forest OC for letting us use their map. The Start and Finish were chosen to minimise the amount of dead running. I hope that you liked the woodland amphitheatre that we used for the Finish.

We had two Yellow courses because of the expected numbers. The courses were similar with some common controls, but half the legs were different. I saw “followers” losing time when the courses diverged. The Open courses that were run earlier in the day shared many controls with the YBT courses, but the shape of each course was mostly very different from the equivalent YBT course.

Even though we had the path network resurveyed only a month before the event, a new path had appeared in the north west of the area. I hope that this did not unduly affect anybody’s run.

Congratulations to the teams for some very impressive leading times. Do put your route on Route Gadget irrespective of your position. We can all learn from others’ routes.

Hedley Calderbank