Entering for the first time

We use a company called SI Entries to collect our entries, take payments etc. They are very reliable and have a good privacy policy.

Using SI Entries is only a little bit more complicated than signing up to a shopping website:

ShoppingSI Entries
Register or log inRegister or log in
Register or click on each person to enter
Pick your goods (colour, size …)Pick a course, time etc for each person
Pay securely Pay securely

And there are a few phrases that are used that may be unfamiliar. So here’s a blow-by-blow guide. Many of you will be fine just going through it, perhaps using this page for reference.


An adult (over 18) needs to register. The first screen is absolutely standard, with the usual security checks including Captcha:

Registering people

Then there’s a screen to register you. It’s the same screen that will be used later to add additional family members

You can be a little bit creative here: If you’re entering as a family group, using one map and one timing chip, First Name “Family” works. You will then appear in the results as e.g. “Family Smith”. Or First Name “Jo + Mum”.

Entering people to this event

Select the event from either the SI Entries Events List or click through from our website.

There are 2 screens to enter each person, one very short:


This is pretty standard, with the usual checks your card issuer insists on.


If you have any questions, no matter how trivial they sound, contact entries@herts-orienteering.club.

We hope you enjoy our event!