Ace of Herts & Interland, 1st March 2020

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String Course Results

Club Name Age Time
BADO Jim Robinson 2 26.03
SLOW Emma Davies 3 10.26
BKO Lucia Smart 3 10.34
BKO Sophie Smart 4 10.35
HH Isabelle Raftery 5 5.05
HH Alice Raftery 3 14.04
SYO Alex Johnson 7 4.06
Hungary Lsongi Farago 8 3.22
SLOW Anna Maria Yaneva 8 5.19
SLOW Krum Yanev 6 5.18
BKO Elliot Vaughan 9 3.06
TVOC Jessica Elder 2 28.55
HH (Hungary) Bors Farago 11 3.26
HH (Hungary) Tunde Farago 5 9.16

Organisers’ Comments

There are two things you can be sure of if you are the organiser for the Ace of Herts event. One is that the weather will try its best to make life difficult – this year we had the wettest February on record, and storm Jorge provided some wild wind at the weekend. The second thing is that the talented and tireless band of HH volunteers will bring it all together and find solutions for whatever is thrown at us.

So, 2020 was no exception. We had to face the very wet conditions at the assembly field, which required some quick thinking from the parking team; there was the wind, which threatened to take the marquees away completely; and there were the challenges of dealing with the complexities of Interland and the Ace of Herts. But we were fortunate. The sun came out on Sunday, and the forest looked beautiful. Although the competitors had to adapt to the change in parking arrangements, everything else ran smoothly, and comments suggest that they enjoyed David’s courses and had a good day. Interland ran smoothly – congratulations to the England team for their win.

I am very grateful to all of the HH helpers – there are too many to name individuals, but you know who you are. You are people who pull together as a team and cheerfully make things happen, spot problems before they develop and make sure that the organiser can enjoy a relaxing cup of tea at the food stall, safe in the knowledge that everything is in good hands.

Well done HH, and thank you,

PS  I have some lost property – Black and red INOV shoes, size 9; a pair of reading glasses, black frames; a blue fleece hat with four tassels. They will be at Rowney Warren on Sunday 8th, or contact me to reclaim them.