Stanborough Park, 7th November 2015


Organiser’s comments

The Start
The Start

A great turnout for today’s event, particularly for the shorter courses, on a very mild November day.

Control hangers and control collectors were out in light rain, but most of the competitors will have experienced considerably heavier precipitation! Lots of very muddy, but happy-looking finishers at the end.

The shorter courses were limited to the Southern end of the site for logistical reasons and the expectation of a car-boot sale in the North car-park. This didn’t happen in the end but hopefully using more of the South side made a change from recent North side-biased courses.

... and the Finish
… and the Finish

This was my first event as planner and I’ve plenty more to learn – thanks are due to controller Mike for catching a few non-ideal placements, along with helpful guidance throughout.

David Dixon



Control 162

Control 162 was replaced during the event  when two competitors in quick succession  reported it’s failure.  Examination of the box after the competition failed to confirm the problem with several successful punches being recorded at control 162 after the time recorded for these competitors at their subsequent controls.  The two competitors have therefore genuinely miss-punched and have not be reinstated as we said would occur if the box was confirmed to have failed.