Trent Park, 26th December 2016

Organiser’s Comments

Thank you all for coming along to LOK/HH’s annual Boxing Day score event this year. This year we had 111 competitors / family groups against 89 in 2015 and many newcomers.

This is usually a good event to use to mark your orienteering progress as 30 diverse control sites each year are in principle unlikely to be distributed materially differently from one year to the next. However this year there were more 30 pointers near the start / finish and no controls in some extremities. As a result third time in-a-row winner, Iain Embrey (SROC), managed this year to get them all with over 14 minutes to spare compared with 7 minutes spare in 2015 and 3 minutes spare in 2014. Six other men also visited all the controls in under the hour. Top woman was Liz Heaton (LEIC) who scored 480 points in just under 55 minutes, just beating Fiona Tam (SLOW) who scored the same points just under a minute slower.

It was sunnier and much less blustery at registration than last year and everything ran smoothly, including putting up the tent in the only, postage stamp- sized, patch of grass in the Southgate Hockey Centre car park.

The event was a joint effort between the London Orienteering Klubb (LOK) and the Hertfordshire Orienteering Club (Happy Herts or HH). Thanks to the planners, Simon and James Errington, the controllers and start officials, Ronan and Julie Cleary (LOK), Kevin and Laura Parkes (HH) for handling the IT / results and John Hardy (LOK) for liaising with Enfield Council and providing the hot mulled wine at the Finish. Thanks also to Roger Moulding (HH) who assisted me on Registration and Helen Errington (HH) who deputized while I was out competing.

Please do mark up your route and see what others did on Routegadget. Once you have done that all that remains is to look forward to next year’s event, which is scheduled for Tuesday, 26 December 2017.

Catherine Galvin (LOK)
Trent Park Boxing Day event organiser 2016