Chipperfield, 4th December 2021

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Organiser’s Comments

Thanks for coming to Chipperfield. The rain that was forecast to affect early starters had stopped by the time the control hangers went out and it turned into a lovely sunny day – although you might not have noticed it under the trees.

A bit of squelch on some of the paths was well worth putting up with to enjoy Kevin’s courses, which kept everybody thinking. Apologies to the one finisher affected by the faulty Finish control – we have given you the time the planner recorded on his phone.

Those of us wise enough to use Blackwell’s cafe enjoyed a drink and a bite, making it more of a day out.

As always, many thanks to Kevin for planning, to David for controlling, and to all the volunteers who made the event happen – Barbara, Ben, Charlotte, Hedley, Hugh, Ian, Keith, Laura, Mick, Nicola, Oliver, Penny, Sebastien, Susan and Tim.

Found – one jumper Age 11/12. Contact if it’s yours.

Some photos…