Verulamium, 10th April 2021

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Organisers Comments

Thank you to everyone who came to the first HH event since October. From my perspective, the simple pleasures of seeing other people and having a few conversations are hard to overstate! There was certainly plenty of pent-up demand – the 180-limit event sold out within days of us opening registration and we unfortunately had to turn quite a few people away.

There was a minor issue at the start, with per-minute start beeps coming from both the main start clock and from the start controls themselves. This seems to have led to 6 people failing to start correctly, presumably because they thought that the beep from the start control was it registering their start via SIAC. In fact, they needed to actually punch the control. Apologies if this affected you. To attempt to correct this, we have awarded results to these people by using their “check” times as a start time. This is imperfect, but does at least mean they have a result.

There was an unusually high number of missed or wrong controls, with 9/65 runs invalidated on the light green and 10/70 on the short blue, including the one by our illustrious club chairman! We are apparently all rather rusty. All the more reason to ensure you can make the next one –  Nomansland Common on Saturday 8 May. See you there…

Tim Gage