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Latest results

Nomansland, 8th May 2021 Results
Verulamium, 10th April 2021 Results
Ellenbrook, 3rd October 2020 Results
Highfield Park, 5th September 2020 Results
Mardley Heath, 7th March 2020 Results
Ace of Herts & Interland, 1st March 2020 Results
Sherrardspark Wood, 1st February 2020 Results
Northaw, 4th January 2020 Results
Trent Park, 26th December 2019 Results
Verulamium, 7th December 2019 Results
Ellenbrook, 2nd November 2019 Results
Ashridge, 13th October 2019 Results
Heartwood, 5th October 2019 Results
HH Sprint Championships, 10th September 2019 Results
Jersey Farm, September 7th 2019 Results
Stevenage (N) Street-O, 3rd September 2019 Results

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