Highfield Park GLOSS, 6th July 2019

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Organiser’s Comments

There was a good turn out for the event at Highfield today despite the rival attractions and any problems were quickly resolved.  The two competitors who were affected by the brief absence of control 154 have been reinstated.
My thanks to all the volunteers who helped ensure everything went smoothly, and thanks also for the use of Highfield Park and facilities at the leisure centre.
Penny Parkes

Planner’s Comments

As those of you who did the longest courses will have noticed, I only used half the map area. Apart from the fact that the lower half is less interesting, it enabled us to avoid one, if not two, major road crossings, which would have required marshals and possibly timed-out sections. It also ensured that juniors could safely attempt either of the two longer courses if they wanted to – as several did. I take no credit for the three shortest courses; I simply repeated the courses of two years ago, as everyone who ran then will have moved up at least one course since then. For the longer courses, my main criterion in choosing the control sites was to ensure that there were at least two possible routes between controls, so you would repeatedly have to think which route to take, as well as making sure you kept to your chosen route. To judge from the comments that I received afterwards, I succeeded in that aim.

I would like to thank Mike Bennett, the Controller, for gently discouraging some of my wilder ideas, and for further educating me in the intricacies of the software we use for these events.
John Duffield

GLOSS Series Organiser’s Report

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