SE Sprints Oaklands College 26 April 14


Some photos from the event by Simon Errington and Nicola Frampton (including the prizegiving).

South East Sprint Champions 2014


1. Francesca Bayne HH

2. Sarah Darley GO

3. Kate Frampton HH


  1. Alex Fielding HH
  2. Lachlan Haigh Chig
  3. Matthew Dixon HH


  1. Laura Bayne HH


  1. Owen Haigh Chig
  2. 2. Evan Bowers HH
  3. 3. Daniel Figg HH


  1. Valerie Suter SLOW
  2. Sarah Hutton SN
  3. Zuzana Prochazkova LOK


  1. Ben Roberts SLOW
  2. Helen Gardner SLOW
  3. James Errington HH


  1. Sarah Louise Francis SN
  2. Diane Leakey SLOW
  3. Sue Carter Chig


  1. Kevin Fielding HH
  2. Neil Crickmore SO
  3. Keith Masson MV


  1. Andy Robinson SLOW
  2. Don McKerrow SLOW
  3. Mick Smith HH


  1. Ruth Rhodes SO


1. Robin Campbell Chig

Organiser’s Comments

Every time Simon and I visited the College on a Saturday over the last 5 months, it has been very, very quiet but about 4 weeks ago we found out that we were sharing the site with a Hockey tournament and also a Farmers Market.

Thanks must to go Nicole and the Oaklands College staff and Karl and the De Havilland sports centre staff for their support, understanding and assistance with all kinds of requests – car parking, access to the Atrium at the Discovery Centre, no sheep in the fields…..

We hope you enjoyed the courses and judging by the comments, the map and terrain were a good match. The indoor space was a last minute added booking, only requested by me the day before when the weather forecast was for sharp showers all day. In the end we did ok with the weather but the facilities were good to have.

Helen Errington (I’m having a year off organising orienteering events…)

A great big thank you from the St Albans District Explorer Scouts Namibia team for the generosity and support for their tea & cake sale. They raised over £500, so thank you to all the orienteers, Hockey player, basketball supporters and anyone else at Oaklands College on Saturday.