Ellenbrook, 3rd October 2020

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Organisers Comments

Well, it seems as if I have a jinx on the climatic conditions at Ellenbrook…last year we had gales strong to act as a film location for the remake of the opening section of ‘Wizard of Oz’, this year we could have been filming ‘Noah’s Ark’ instead!! I have never seen the stream under the main path back up over the level of the culvert before, thus forming a new lake. For my next event be prepared for snow, lightning, plagues of locusts or unscheduled volcanic eruptions!!
Many thanks to our small but dedicated crew of volunteers, Simon for checking all the controls (and coming back looking like a drowned rat) and to Dawn for her interesting and challenging courses. We had 99 runners (30 more than the same event last year) and we appear to be coping with the new Covid-related operating protocols quite well. Here’s hoping that David Hodson can bring better weather to Stanborough next month than I have managed in recent years!