Ashridge, 13th October 2019

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String Course Results

Name Age Club Time taken
Hugh Scarborough 5 MV 5.12
Ralph Scarborough 7 MV 3.59
Isobel Raftery 5 HH 13.35
Stanley Taylor 5 13.52
Holly Taylor 3 14.50
Theo Pictures 3 14.00
Alice Raftery 3 HH 12.53
Kieran Brown 3 HH 28.28
Dylan Baker 4 13.32
Anne Maria 8 SLOW 5.23
Krum 5 SLOW 5.40
Timmy 3 20.00
Csongi Ferago 8 HH 5.24
Isobel Raftery 5 HH 7.11
Stanley Taylor 5 7.05
Holly Taylor 3 9.05

Organiser’s Comments

The last time we ran on this part of Ashridge, it was a clear February day, there was hardly any undergrowth and accurate runners got really fast times. What a change! Today, only the strongest could keep up a fast pace in the very variable – but generally not too high – vegetation, and early starters in particular got a good soaking. If it’s any consolation, it was even worse for the hangers, planners and controller out there early in the morning when the mist was low and light so poor it was difficult to read the map in places.

Many thanks to all of you who braved the conditions and the somewhat awkward 600m separation between parking & starts and everything else. We’re looking at the other half of Ashridge for 2021 and hoping for better weather.

It’s conventional to thank the volunteers who help to put the event on. Today they certainly deserve our thanks. Many stood and worked in uncomfortable conditions; others came back drenched after a longer than expected run and barely had time to throw a coat over their soggy running kit before starting their jobs. And most managed the occasional smile!

Hope to see you all again soon in better weather
Mike Bennett


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