Mardley, 5th January 2019

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Many thanks to those of you who surrendered your map after your run so as to allow another orienteerer the chance to run – the turn out of 225 on the day was well beyond our expectations for the event or what we might have anticipated from the 89 who reserved a map in advance. Links to pdf versions of the maps are available below for those of you who would like a copy of your course.

Organisers Comments

Mardley is one of the club’s most technical areas and, by the look of the results, David Frampton’s excellent courses provided a tough challenge for many of us. A wide range of finishing times was testament to a mix of highly-skilled fast runners – particularly some of the older juniors – and others who were evidently testing themselves in tricky terrain. The kind weather – cold but dry and still – brought an unprecedented 225 runners out to play. Honourable mention goes to young Daniel Humphreys who was out for over two hours but manfully saw it through to the bitter end…four days after starting the year with two Parkruns and an orienteering run on the same morning!

And for those of you who thought they’d left their brains at home – spare a thought for yours truly who forgot his compass, neglected to take a spare one out of the club kit when he was sat right next to it and then, for some inexplicable reason, visited the same control twice without even realising until he looked at his splits!!

We have a slight issue with the BOF ranking points as some competitors’ BOF numbers were not recorded. If you entered on the day, hired a dibber and want your result to count towards your ranking,  please email Kevin Parkes on with your BOF number.

Thanks again to all the volunteers without whose efforts the event would not be anything like the success it was. See you next time.
Stu Levene