Farmer, Harding & Marsden Trophy Winners

The Farmer Trophy is awarded each year to the club’s ‘best newcomers’. It was presented to the club by honorary life members Nora and Alec Farmer.

The Sylvia Harding Trophy was presented to the club by Stan Harding in memory of his wife Sylvia, who was a long-standing member of the club. It is awarded each year for service to the club.

The Marsden Trophy is awarded for outstanding support by a junior to the junior squad.

Year Farmer Trophy Harding Trophy Marsden Trophy
2022 Beatrix Li Mike Bennett Ben Gostick
2021 Poppy Chorlton Kevin Parkes Oliver Bardsley
2020 Rachel Sequeira David Dixon Matthew Dixon
2019 Isabel Hawks David Frampton Francesca Bayne
2018 Nicola Trotman Dave Tookey Alex Fielding
2017 Ben & Oliver Bardsley Simon Errington James Errington
2016 The Soulsby family Helen Errington Sam Fielding
2015 Daniel Gardner Frances Goldingay Evan Bowers
2014 Frampton family Bob Kaye Samuel Fielding
2013 Charlie and Matthew Dixon Susan Marsden Samuel Fielding
2012 Tom and Josh M’Caw Máire Convery Laura Parkes
2011 Beth Hanson Robin Barris Miranda Leaf
2010 Fielding family Jacob Sharpe
2009 James O’Higgins Susie Hall
2008 Paul Hearn Kevin Parkes
2007 Adam Leaf Simon Errington
2006 Young/Beardow family Keith Marsden
2005 Rebecca Harding Eric and Lesley Brown
2004 Orley Farm School David Saunders
2003 Duncan Archer John Currie
2002 Phil Brown Neil and Jenny Gostick
2001 Not awarded Mike Currie
2000 Colin Webster Helen Errington
1999 Graham Parkes Eric and Lesley Brown
1998 Jonathon and Timothy Street Susan Marsden
1997 Lesley Brown John Warburton
1996 Tom Frentz John Currie
1995 Jenny Gostick Andrew Cummings
1994 Challacombe family David Saunders
1993 Katie Davidson Susan Marsden
1992 Peter Normand John Currie
1991 Mike and Charlotte Perry Tony Grainger
1990 Jade Chappell Susan Marsden
1989 Phil Keyes Peter Marsden
1988 Currie family David Lewis
1987 John and Chris Motch Susan Marsden
1986 Peter Pratt
1985 Arthur Boyt