HABS, 3rd November 2018

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Organiser’s Comments

What a lovely day for a run! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves. 148 entries is not bad given it is half term for most schools, and many of the committed orienteers are away at larger events.

The courses Adam planned were fun with an appropriate level of challenge, although perhaps some of the Year 7s on Orange need either more introduction or to run down for an event or two.

Many thanks to the Heads of the two schools for allowing us to hold the event, and of course to the HH volunteers who took up the slack with many of the “usual suspects” away. We thought we would have the site to ourselves in half term but in the end we had to work around orchestra rehearsals and gymnastics classes who were used to having the car park to themselves, and a pheasant shoot which came across to the Girls’ School from 1230. Hence the insistence on course closure time! It worked though, thank you everybody for getting back in time. The last of us left site an hour after courses closing, which may be a record.

Mike Bennett