Balls Park Local Event Results 29/09/01

Saturday Series - Special Programme for New Orienteers.

Organiser/planners' comments.

Well, the weather did us few favours for this the first of HH's new format Saturday events targeted at beginners and improvers, but despite that a healthy total of 31 competitors took part (and that's not counting the family members who went round as part of a single unit).

Simon Balle School provided an excellent base for the event, with the undercover outdoor area being especially useful given the rain.

All seemed to enjoy themselves, with the premarked maps for all courses and the Hagaby style format for the longer score event proving particularly popular.

Balls Park, new to us all, is not a technical area by any means and is too small to use for all but the shortest cross-country style courses, but is very pleasant to run in, has plenty of well-mapped features and is ideal for this sort of event or for schools league use.

The club has gained at least two new memebers as a result of the event which in itself makes it a worthwhile exercise.

Thanks are due to Sarbir Limited and Alison Saunders (Head Teacher, Simon Balle School) for land access permission and also to Alison for use of the school's facilities, to school caretaker Paul Carter for friendly help on the day, and to Eric Brown, (especially), Tony and Joan Miley, Jacob Sharpe, Graham Perry, and Kevin and Graham Parkes for their help on the day. Also to Sainsbury's Hitchin for the supply of carrier bags.

We are also happy to report that the event made a small (approx £23) profit, despite the cost of colour photocopying all the maps.

Frances, Clive, Jonathan and Timothy Street

Lost Property

One item of lost property was found, a white View From long sleeved T-shirt. If this belongs to you please contact Clive or Frances Street, 01462 453804.


If you have any queries about the results below please contact Clive or Frances Street, 01462 453804.

First-timers' Course ( 2.1 km, 10 controls )

Pos Name                       Class    Club     Time

  1 David Carter & family      W6-M40   WAOC    18:42
  2 Alice Campbell              W10     WAOC    27:08
  3 Adam Thomas                 M9      Ind     30:17
  4 Diane Williamson            W35     Ind     31:38
  5 Polly Thomas                W12     Ind     31:42
  6 Caitlin Campbell + 1        W10     WAOC    34:46
 =7 Sophie Judd                 W10     Ind     66:39
 =7 Danielle Judd               W10     Ind     66:39
 =7 Karl Judd                   M35     Ind     66:39

DNF Gemma Gostick & Mum         W1      HH      2 controls found

Short Score Course ( 30 mins, 21 controls, max 420 points )

Pos Name                       Class   Club   Points

  1 David Chappell  (in 24:52)  M55     HH      420 
  2 Darrell Smith               M21     Ind     410
  3 John Currie                 M70     HH      320

Hagaby Score Course ( 45 mins, 3 loops of 7 controls, max 420 points )

Pos Name                        Class   Club  Points  Penalty  Total

  1 Robert Campbell (in 37:40)  M35     WAOC    420      0      420
  2 Paul Langston   (in 44:58)  M45     HH      420      0      420
  3 Neil Gostick                M35     HH      420     10      410
  4 Jacob Sharpe                M21     HH      410      0      410
  5 Tomas Drhlik                M21     Ind     390      0      390
  6 Alwyn Challacombe           M50     HH      360      0      360
  7 Colin Webster               M50     HH      360     30      330
  8 Jonathan Street             M16     HH      330     10      320
  9 Graham Perry                M35     HH      310      0      310
 10 Ronan Cleary                M35     HH      320     20      300
 11 Tony Miley                  M55     HH      300      0      300
 12 Stephen Glass               M35     Ind     290      0      290
 13 Eric Brown                  M50     HH      280      0      280
 14 Clive Dinsey                M45     HH      280      0      280
 15 Kevin Parkes                M40     HH      310     40      270
 16 Tim Street                  M12     HH      260      0      260
 17 Graham Parkes               M12     HH      180      0      180
 18 Maureen Webster             W50     HH      250     80      170

Well done to all "first timers" ............ hope to see you again at the next HH event - see for all Hertfordshire Orienteering Club fixtures ....

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