Chipperfield Common Try-O Event Results 12/09/99

Comments from the Planner and Organiser.
Results for the Yellow, Orange and Light Green Courses.


Planner's Comments

Planning the Try-O event on Chipperfield Common should have been straightforward. The area although relatively small is flat and well bounded by roads and fences to prevent those new to orienteering getting too far away from where they ought to be. The original courses were planned on paper, using memories from previous events at Chipperfield. The first site visit came as a shock! The entire western end had been felled and the branches left on the ground. In places these were throat high, making the area absolutely impenetrable. If this was not enough, several large holes being partially covered by bushes had appeared in the area to the west of the southern lake, a real danger to the unwary. As a result the courses had to be substantially redesigned to avoid both areas. I hope the results were that you enjoyed them and that the early runners on the Green and Orange courses were not too put out by the mysterious disappearance of Control 750 at the start of their runs. I am grateful to Lesley for her ever-willing assistance in running around the area and those HH members who put out and collected the controls on the day, making my job so easy.

Eric Brown.


Organiser's Comments

Thanks to Eric for all his hard work which extended well into organiserís territory and included bringing all the equipment to the event. Thanks to all the willing volunteers. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and that you will come along to some more of our events. Congratulations to all on successfully getting round!

Carol Whitworth.


Yellow Course.

Holstein                IND             26.40
Phipps                  IND             28.29
Floyd                   IND             35.02
Rachael Cosier     WOOD END             45.16
Tom Vaux                IND     M10     48.09


Orange Course.

Danny Metcalfe          GO      M16     30.51
Jan Howie               IND             37.20
Tom Crothall            GO      M16     38.45
Hartshorn/Shaw          IND             49.06
Havell                  IND             50.16
Lincoln                 IND             55.29
Matthew Birkinshaw      IND             63.47
P Havell                GO      M16     80.29
Tom Vaux                IND            109.52
Sue Vaux                IND            117.12


Light Green Course.

  1 Robert Coomber      MDDXO   M40     26.05
  2 Colin Webster       HH      M45     27.34
  3 Trevor Howie        RAFO    M35     29.03
  4 Nick Pearson        SO      M16     29.23
  5 Robin Campbell      CHIG    M60     29.54
  6 Barry Pearson       SO      M45     30.41
  7 Dave Tookey         HH              34.30
  8 Hugh Roberts        MDDXO   M40     35.05
  9 Tony Parr           HH      M21     39.27
 10 Laura Pearson       SO      W20     46.17
 11 Gerry Levershaw     SLOW    M50     48.15
 12 S+A Owen                    M/W35   48.22
 13 Michael Layzell     HH      M55     49.31
 14 Frances Goldingay   HH      W50     54.31
 15 Susan Sharp         HH      W45     59.54
 16 Maureen Webster     HH      W50     61.02
 17 H Webb +1           HH              62.43
 18 Douglas Cook        BAOC            62.43
 19 Ruby Campbell       CHIG    W60     63.14
 20 David Pepper        HH      M21     76.34