Stanborough Park, 12th November 2016

Organisers Comments

Despite the very poor weather forecast we did manage to get 130 hardy competitors spread across all the courses. Given the weather we were very grateful for the generous offer from Stanborough to allow the club access to the very large yacht club marquee, this had enough space to allow the training session to start in the dry and still comfortably hold registration and download as well as everyone’s personnel belongings. Thankfully the worst of the weather had passed by the time most competitors started their runs but there was still enough room for everyone to dry off.

The lessons from the previous event had been learnt and there were more than enough maps to go round and many of the teething problems with the new schools league rules on which courses to run appeared to have been overcome. The points we have noted from this event is to make sure we have better signage when registration is such a distance from the car park and, when we return to Stanborough, to warn competitors about the low height of the underpass between the north and south lakes.

The weather must have eased off sufficiently by the end of event as a number of items had been left behind, I am now in possession of a maroon umbrella, a green parka style coat and a woolly hat. Please let us know if you are owner of these items and we will try and get them back to you.

Again, a big thank you to all the HH helpers for making sure the event ran so smoothly (and allowed the organiser to have a run) and, also, everyone involved in providing another well attended and informative training session.

Any queries please let me know.



Keith & Sue’s training session, held before the start of the competition