HH Saturday Series

Saturday series events are an ideal way to get an introduction to orienteering and try it out.  Help is on hand to explain what to do and make sure newcomers are made welcome.  They are suitable for all members of the family, with courses aimed specifically towards beginners and juniors.  Equally, runners who would like a little challenge in their course would find these events a great alternative to a straightforward training run.

These events are held locally once a month:


HH Saturday League competition

The Saturday League competition is intended to add a bit of light-hearted competition and fun to the series. Each competition runs for a Club year and the scoring is designed to primarily reward regular attendees. The competition is open to all, but at the end of the season the highest scorers who are HH members at the time of the September event will receive “HH Saturday Champion” certificates.

 How it works

  • The League comprises the, usually 10 or 11, monthly HH events run on a Saturday, starting in October each year and running through to the following September.
  • The League is for individuals – runs by pairs or groups do not count, although shadowing will be allowed on the White, Yellow, and Orange courses.
  • Runners can freely select their preferred course for the season subject to the following constraint:- M/W 18 or older runners cannot score on White, Yellow, or Orange.
  • Runners will be assigned a ranking course which is the competitive course they run most often over the season, or the shorter competitive course if there is a tie.
  • At each event runners score points as follows:
    • Winner 100
    • Second 97
    • Then decreasing by 2 points to 9th position, 85 points.
    • Then descending by 1 point to a minimum of 2 for a correctly completed course.
    • Runners miss-punching or otherwise disqualified score 10 points less than the last valid finisher on their course, or 1 point if the resulting score would be less than 1.
    • 0 for any event they either miss or at which they don’t run a competitive course.
  • A runners league score on their ranking course is the sum of their highest event scores after dropping their two lowest scoring events in the season, gained in any one of the following ways:
    • Running their ranking course,
    • Running a longer course,
    • Running the immediately shorter course but scaled by 75% and only if they are competitive on the shorter course.
  • The two winners in each class are the male and female runners with the highest sum score from their best events after dropping their two lowest scoring events in the season.

Current Standings

The latest league positions can be found here…

Guidelines for Organisers

Comprehensive guidelines for Organisers and Planners are available in the new Wiki  here….