South East League

The South-East League is an annual competition between the member clubs of the SEOA. It runs over each autumn / winter / spring season. It has been decided that for the 17/18 season, the points obtained at South-East League events will form the basis of the SE Club League.

Full details of the Club League and the associated Individual competition are available on the SEOA website

Since the 2010/11 season, the league has been split into 2 divisions, with approximately half of the clubs in each.   Within each division, the top club at an event scores 7 points then 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for the following clubs. At the end of the season the club with most points in each division is the winner, with the SE League Trophy awarded in the First Division and the CROC Trophy in the Second Division. Each season the bottom two clubs in the First Division will be relegated and the top two clubs in the Second Division will be promoted.

We are competing in division 1, having finished in second place overall last season.


For the 2017/18 season, the following events will form part of the SE League:

Date Club Venue
Sun 19 Nov 17 CHIG Wormley Woods
Sun 17 Dec 17 SN Ash Ranges (location TBC)
Sun 14 Jan 18 DFOK Westerham
Sun 11 Feb 18 MV South Ashdown
Sun 25 Feb 18 HH Egypt/Burnham
Sun 22 Apr 18 SAX Eridge Park
Sun 13 May 18 SO Worthlodge Forest


From the 2017/18 season, HH will be obtaining individual results on a race by race basis and publishing them in the Results section of the Club’s website.  See here….


The league is based on events approved by SEOA.  In order to score maximum points, individuals should run the following courses:

Course Men Women
Black M21
Brown M35 M40
Short Brown M18 M20 M45 M50 W21
Blue M16 M55 M60 W35 W40
Short Blue M65 W18 W20 W45 W50
Green M70 W16 W55 W60
Short Green M75 W65 W70
Very Short Green M80 W75 W80
Light Green M14 W14
Orange M12 W12
Yellow M10 W10

Individual orienteers score points for their runs. There are separate target speeds for each age class as shown in the table below:

Age group (Men) Mins / km Age group (Women) Mins / km
M 10 8 W 10
M 12 W 12
M 14 W 14
M 16 7 W 16
M 18 W 18
M 20 W 20 8
M 21 6 W 21
M 35 W 35
M 40 W 40
M 45 W 45
M 50 W 50
M 55 8 W 55 10½
M 60 W 60 11¾
M 65 W 65 12¾
M 70 10½ W 70 14
M 75 11½ W 75 15¼
M 80 13 W 80 17

These timings are set with the intention that a top standard competitor having a good run on an average SE area should score 100 points. Slower runs score proportionately less points, until a run at half the target speed scores the minimum 1 point.

Competitors can run any course they want but those that run “down” from the course recommended for their age class will only score a proportion of the points available had they run the recommended course or a higher one. This proportion is as follows: running down 1 course 75%, 2 courses 50%, 3 courses 25%, 4 or more courses 1 point only.

All points scored count towards the overall team result so the more Club members who run, the better we do.