Join us for…

  • Discounted orienteering nationwide
    As a Club member you are automatically a member of British Orienteering, the national federation. This is recognised with an entry discount (typically £2 per event) by clubs nationwide, including us of course.
  • Juniors run free at our Saturday Series
    A junior will recover their membership fee in just three events.
  • Social events and free training
    Our orienteering training programme, including dedicated junior sessions, is free to members. We subsidise social events, usually only charging for meals and travel. We also subsidise training for qualifications.
  • Juniors can be selected for the regional squad
    Our orienteering region runs a junior training squad which is the stepping stone to the national development programme.
  • Discounts for all members at our Street-O events
  • Team events
    You can represent the Club in serious and not-so-serious competitions. Sometimes we’ll subsidise you to do so.
  • Retailer discounts
    Through British Orienteering you gain valuable retailer discounts. See
  • Camaraderie
    Last but not least, it’s fun socialising with like-minded people at orienteering events, travelling to them, staging them …

Members come from across Hertfordshire and beyond, including North London and Middlesex. We’re amongst the larger UK clubs, enabling us to stage big events and compete successfully in club competitions, as well as providing a full programme of smaller events. But we’re small enough for a friendly atmosphere (see what our moniker “HH” means, below). Members range from those who like some variety for their walk / jog, through to orienteering internationals.

How to join

Joining Online:

You’ll need to know that in the orienteering world we are “HH”. This stands for “Happy Herts”. The name dates from the early days of orienteering in the UK; we’ve kept it because it tells you something about us. (You will also be joining SEOA, the South-East [of UK] Orienteering Association.)

Join online via British Orienteering at The club to select is “HH”, then, if you want to join more than one person living at the same address, select “Family”, otherwise “Senior”, “Young Adult” or “Junior”.

For help or information feel free to contact the membership secretary, Susan Marsden:

Membership Fees

Membership Fees 2024

Born 2004 or later
Young Adult
Born 1999-2003
Born 1998 or earlier
Full Year to 31 December  2024 £11.00 £20.00 £28.00

There are reduced rates for family groups, check on the British Orienteering website.

As a club, we rely on our members to help put on a wide range of races and events throughout the year. We hope everyone will help out with at least a couple of events each year – it’s a great way to meet people, and put something back into the sport. Your help will only be needed for a few hours each year, and helpers are normally able to run too.

For more information about volunteering and helping the club, and to offer your help at future events, please contact our volunteer co-ordinator here.