Verulamium, 2nd December 2017

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A big thanks to everyone came and helped, particularly those who didn’t even have a run because of the night event this evening and club championships tomorrow.

Things didn’t start too well, with the burst water main disrupting people’s travel arrangements and then Keith reporting in sick, which meant that our pre-event training had to be cancelled.  However,happily that was the end of our troubles and things clicked in to gear and ran very smoothly thereafter.  Even the weather was kind.

We had 80 entries pre-registered online!  This was a big help and it’s the first time that I know of where more than 50% of runners did so. So well done – and if you didn’t, please think about it next time. It makes registration much simpler.

We knew that Beachwood Park school would only have a handful of entrants because of other commitments.  Notwithstanding that, we still had a very good turnout and everyone seemed to have enjoyed their runs.

The above results are currently provisional.

Our next Saturday Series event is at Sherrards Park Wood, Welwyn on January 6th.  The next Youth League event is on February 3rd at Fairlands Valley, Stevenage.

And finally, we have score events on Christmas Eve (Highfield Park, St Albans), Boxing Day (Trent Park, Cockfosters) and New Years Day (Stanborough Lakes Welwyn).  Score events are where you collect as many controls as you can find in any order you like within a fixed time. They are perfectly suitable for beginners, juniors and families, so please come along!


Hadrians Academy

Mapper’s Notes

Some of you will have noticed the new layout on the map. This incorporates a mosiac design, which is inspired by a mosaic found in the park and now on display in the Verulamium museum. You may also notice that it is based on a repeating HH pattern.

Mosaic background on the map
Original mosaic (photo from Verulamium Museum website)