SE Nights, Ashridge, 14th November 2015



Organiser’s Comments –   Ashridge after dark

The first problem was finding the start, with the wood looking quite different in the dark. Experienced night orienteers were enthusiastic about the courses and the planner’s ability to set them some interesting challenges. The less experienced will have to chalk this one up to experience… just as well there was hot chocolate at the end to warm everyone up.

ashridge_hot_chocolateWind, rain and darkness were not enough to put off the ninety intrepid orienteers who took part in the SE night championships at Ashridge.

Congratulations go to the eight HH runners who were there in the medal places. The juniors were outstanding, with gold going to Josh M’Caw (M16), Sam Fielding (M18) and Laura Bayne (W16).

For those who’d never done a night event before, I hope that the experience will encourage them to try it again – there’s no better adventure to be had in orienteering!

Frances Goldingay