Harpenden East Street-O, 10th May 2022

We had another great turnout, and a bright evening despite the morning’s rain. Dave took us through our paces up the hills of Harpenden, including heading over to Batford for those who fancied a long run (and another hill!)

Unfortunately I (Rachel) failed to include a path clarification that Dave had given me on the final map, resulting in one fewer route choice appearing available from the start than intended. Some intrepid runners chanced going up to #31 and discovered the industrial estate did indeed connect to the road north of it, but my apologies to both Dave and anyone who avoided #31 because of the apparent lack of access. I’m aware several people also had to start more promptly than expected as the start GPS seemed to register across about half the car park! Hopefully everyone enjoyed their run nonetheless.

The results are available here:


To view routes you will need the PIN printed on the map. That can be accessed by following the link here.