Haberdashers, 9th July 2016

Organisers Comments

First of all some thanks:

  • To the Heads for allowing us use of their fine and surprisingly varied grounds
  • To the HH volunteers, planner and controller for coping with the late changes due to building works, which turned a fairly laid-back done-this-loads-of-times Saturday event into something more challenging. We got the first starter off only 3 minutes late!
  • To all of you who came and ran in the fine weather

Judging from eye-witness comments and some infeasible split times, it appears that some people illegally crossed uncrossable barriers, notably the wall between 1 and 2 on the GLOSS courses. If anyone who did that wishes to declare themselves non-competitive would they please email events@herts-orienteering.club.

Tues 12 Jul: This event now included in results for GLOSS series so far.

Thanks again for coming and enjoy the rest of the GLOSS series
Mike and Rob

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