Northaw – HH Saturday League, March 1st 2014


Organiser’s Comments

Northaw 22 FebThank you all for coming to Northaw today. The comment last weekend about the ‘woods drying out nicely’ was of course tempting fate and heavy rain yesterday meant the paths were squelchier and the going never better than soft. That meant some pretty long times on all courses. You all seemed to take it in your stride though. I’ve never seen so many muddy finishers but most of you had a smile on your face, so you must have enjoyed David’s courses. Some youngsters seemed to be making a point of getting muddier even after finishing. Special mention must be made of the pair of W14s on Orange who finished with 3 wellies between them having abandoned one in a morass.
Northaw picThanks as ever to the dedicated and cheerful band of HH helpers, especially to those whose jobs were changed at short notice and to the 2 ‘virgins’ Stephen and Bret.
Finally, apologies for failing in the most basic duty of an organiser. It was only a small error in timing. The sun came out and it was really lovely just as the last people were finishing.

Mike Bennett
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