Mardley Heath, 5th May 2018

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Organisers Comments

Firstly, it was good to get volunteers so easily – it makes my job as organiser so much easier if the first appeal produces enough people. A big thank you to all the people who were able to help on the day and particularly those who stayed on when it appeared we might need to mount a search.

Secondly, it was good that so many people came on the day, partly drawn by the excellent weather, but also by the knowledge of how good and technical the area is. I hope you all enjoyed your run. Certainly I heard only favourable comments about the planning of my daughter, Laura.

If anybody has lost a thumb compass, please contact to arrange its return. Sorry, we can remember someone mentioning it but not who it was!

Finally a big thank you to those of you who surrendered your map so everyone could have a run. If you would like a copy, and haven’t already left me an email address, please send me one so so we can send you a pdf copy.