Jersey Farm, 4th September 2021

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Organisers Comments

This was our first event of the new season. Things got off to somewhat shaky start when the hangers discovered that 4 controls on the Short Blue course had become inaccessible. This was due to resurfacing work along the Jersey Lane track which yesterday set up an impenetrable barrier across the only route we could use to reach them. The resulting reduction shortened the SB course by around 1k. I hope it didn’t spoil your runs.

After that however, things reverted to their usual smooth state and everything went off without any hitches, at least so as far as I’m aware! As usual, the HH helpers were extremely capable, just getting on with it, and the organiser has very little to do other than wait for the packing up at the end. A big thank you to all concerned.

The weather was very pleasant and it was great to once again to see folks sitting around in small groups chatting together after their runs. It created a lovely relaxed feel and everyone seemed happy to be out and back into orienteering again.

Our next Saturday Series event will be at Heartwood on Octber 2nd.

Kind regards
Dave T