Ace of Herts, Ashridge 27th February 2022

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Organisers’ Comments

Many thanks for coming to Ashridge. We hit the weather window spot on, the National Trust had done a good job of tidying up after the storms, and Ben’s courses maximised the use of the more runnable woodland then set some interesting route choice decisions through the bramblier bits.

This event nearly didn’t happen. With barely a month to go we had to move to bussing people in, we weren’t sure of the logistics of a longish bus ride, and finances were marginal. We weren’t sure enough people would want to come. But we didn’t want to cancel a large event and we’re really glad we went ahead.

In the end you did all come and from the comments afterwards you seemed to enjoy it. There were only relatively minor glitches, apologies to those who went on a magical mystery tour on one of the early buses and to those who had to wait rather longer than we had hoped at a couple of times. Can we put in an order for the same weather for our next big event please?

Lost property – a water bottle and a woolly hat. Contact

As always, thanks are due to a lot of people:

  • The National Trust and Ashridge Management College for accommodating us
  • Simon Errington for doing an almost complete remap to show all those brambles
  • Ben Bardsley for some interesting courses
  • Roger Thetford our controller for being calm, clear and constructive at all times
  • All the HH volunteers, who seemed to manage a smile despite many of them doing unfamiliar jobs spread across the Herts and Bucks countryside

On-line Routegadget Review

Thanks to the 20 or so people who came to the Zoom meeting on Monday evening. We had a good discussion about route choices, some tips on best use of Routegadget and a digression into use of LiDAR for mapping.

Some photos…

For the full album of photos taken at todays event, see