Verulamium, 1st October 2016

Organisers Comments

Didn’t it rain!  Most people had to endure a very heavy downpour at some stage of their run. However the maps stood up to it without dissolving into papier machée and  everyone indeed seemed to finish in good spirits.

This was the opening fixture of the new season of the Youth League; we were caught out by the demand for the White course and unfortunately, we quickly ran out of maps. Once we had the first finishers, it was possible to recycle some very soggy ones, but apologies to anyone who had to run Yellow instead.  If those children are taking part in the league, we will revise their points after Stanborough, once it’s clear who they were.

The other point we’ve noted for future reference is that we will show the relevant school years on the maps from now on; this will make it easier for teachers and group leaders when issuing them out to their team.

As usual, the HH helpers did a great job and made my role very easy – thank you all very much and thanks also to Keith & Susan for organising the pre-event training which saw 15 or so participants sharpening their skills before taking on the main courses.

Our next Saturday event is Stanborough on Nov 12th.


Waiting at the Finish...
Waiting at the Finish…