Haberdashers, 9th July 2022

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Organiser’s Comments

Well, my many hours of pleading with the weather gods over the years finally paid off! As a matter of fact, it looks like I overdid it a bit as they decided to give us weather more normal for Egypt than Elstree…too hot for running but beggars can’t be choosers, eh! I have to take my hat off (had I been wearing one) to Adam – for his well-thought out courses, constantly provoking the runner’s concentration – and to Simon Errington who was faced with significantly more map updates than would have been expected for a largely-urban environment that accrued in the space of four years. Their hard work in the weeks before the event was commendable.

The event went incredibly smoothly on the day and we seem to have assembled a core event team who barely need to be told what they have to do. Congratulations to our Sprint Champions Ben Gostick and Charlotte Coles and I hope Edward Gillet’s ankle injury is not too bad and he hasn’t been put off orienteering for good. Special mention also to young Darrio Tam who blazed around the sprint course, not only beating his big brother by five minutes but also Yours Truly by fourteen seconds 🙁 !

Planners Report

Trying to combine a Saturday series with the Sprint Championship was an interesting challenge meaning a sprint course of light green length with an extension to short blue. The ever changing building works caused a few headaches but thanks to Simon Errington we had a map which had all the updates. I hope you enjoyed the intricacies of the 2 schools and the route choice and navigation challenges they presented. Congratulations to Ben and Charlotte, our club Sprint champions.


An album of photos from today’s event from David Dixon is available here.