Chipperfield, 11th March 2023

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Controller’s Comments

Apologies for the misplaced control 184. It was on a tree about 10m east of the correct one. We have done some analysis and removing the relevant splits affects no placings on the Light Green course, and no placings in the top 8 of Short Blue. We have therefore decided, given that this is a Local event with no ranking points or similar at stake, to let the results stand.

Planner’s Comments

Thanks All for coming today, and from what I saw, you enjoyed the courses on luckily a very pleasant morning.
I tried on the longer courses to have route choice in the first half, as much as Chipperfield allows, and then some control pick in the second half , which I think some of you spotted. Hopefully fun, almost slaloming back through the wood and less path running. Plus I added a bit of novelty with a route choice around the church.
On Yellow, White and Orange, Chipperfield isn’t bad for setting appropriately challenging and enjoyable courses in pleasant woodland, so hopefully also,  you felt the same.
Then on the errant control, sorry really. I was checking and re-taping last night as so many tapes had been going, that when I found the tree without a tape, I made the false assumption it had gone. Then to compound the error we didn’t spot it this morning It was, saving grace a tree next to the open at the end of a path…
I have put up some photos with David’s help, thank you for smiling when you spotted me ?.  Panshanger next time should be good. Essentially a new area.

Organiser’s Comments


Photos – more here (David Dixon) and here (Neil Gostick)