Cassiobury, 8th May 2023

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Organiser’s Comments

We hope you enjoyed today’s event at Cassiobury. The forecast rain was almost non-existent and people seemed to enjoy the courses despite the late changes due to the flooding. Lots of you came, so we were down to the last one or two parking spaces for a while! Thanks to Fullerians Rugby Club for use of their parking and loos, and to Watford Borough Council and Veolia for use of the park.

We delayed publishing results because a number of people on Short Blue – including some very experienced orienteers – did not turn over the map for part 2. The majority went back to control 16 and continued, which of course gave them a valid result if a slow time. We have reviewed the situation and decided to let the results stand. There was plenty of information on the map (titled part 1, control descriptions said go to new start, text below saying turn map over) and in the start lane notices to enable everyone to complete the course correctly. Perhaps some were caught out by it coming immediately after the removed controls and so close to the finish control. However, amending the results – e.g. by removing particular legs – is clearly unfair to people who completed the course correctly. We apologise to anyone who may have got the impression that we might do that.

It would be great if you entered your route on Routegadget. Even those with the turn-over issue can get a lot by comparing the other controls on the course.

Thank you all for coming and I’m sure you’d join me in thanking David for planning, Emese for controlling and all the HH volunteers.

Found: 1 salmon pink hoodie. Contact