Ellenbrook, 4th May 2024

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Organiser’s Comments

We had a great turnout and were very grateful for the glorious sunshine which went someway to compensate for the wet ground and the very wet feet. Runners enjoyed the varied terrain including trenches (flooded) from the set of Saving Private Ryan, swamps and a stunning bluebell wood. Towards the end of the event there was some concern about the safety of runners as it was reported that the cows had become distressed. The Organiser went to assess the situation and found that the cows had calmed down and were grazing someway away from the routes between controls. Monitoring was maintained until the end of the event with both cows and runners appearing unconcerned. Many thanks to the volunteers who made this event possible.

Many thanks for your help today

Controller’s Comments

In the end it’s down to the weather. Hannah as Organiser did her bit by arranging pleasant sunshine on the day, as well as organising without fuss and with a smile. Doug as Planner and I didn’t do quite as well. The heavy rain in the previous 48 hours made courses harder physical work than we had planned for. The navigational challenge, however, was intentional. Comment of the day was “I got on a lot better when I stopped trying to avoid the mud and puddles and thought about the navigation.”

Photos (courtesy of Stu Levene)