Please note this event is running 30 mins later than usual timings in order to avoid clashing with the ParkRun (see below).
You can save form-filling and time on the day by pre-registering in the week beforehand.  This is free and will reserve a map for you.  It also saves us effort, so please do so if you can – here is the link to Map Reservation

Terrain Open parkland with some runnable woodland.
Parking Car park N of Six Hills Way, nearest postcode SG2 0BL, grid reference TL254236.

Access only from Six Hills Way.

Public Transport  Stevenage station 2.4km, all on paths / cycle tracks separated from roads.

Bus 1 from Stevenage Bus Station every 12 minutes.

Courses Courses for everybody from beginners of any age to experienced orienteers. For the Youth League, boys and girls compete in separate, school-year-dependent classes:

Course Distance Youth League classes Difficulty
White 1.6 km Boys year 3/4
Girls year 3/4
Boys year 5
Girls year 5
Easy – all along paths, control flags whenever you need to decide to turn.
Yellow 2.8 km Boys year 6
Girls year 6
Fairly easy – navigate along line features such as paths, walls, streams. Some turns with no control flags.
Orange 3.4 km Boys year 7/8
Girls year 7/8
Boys year 9/10
Girls year 9/10
Moderate – start cutting across country, some controls a bit away from line features.
Light Green 3.9 km Boys year 11/12/13
Girls year 11/12/13
Harder – a range of navigational skills needed to find controls on any mapped feature.
Blue 6.5 km n/a As hard as we can make it on the area.

Adults and other runners who are not participating in the Youth League may enter any course and will automatically be entered in the club’s Saturday League unless they ask not to.

Starts Please note this event is running 30 mins later than usual timings in order to avoid clashing with the ParkRun

Register from 10:15 to 11:45
Regulars can save time by reserving a map/dibber at http://sat.maptypes.org
Starts from 10:30 – 12:00. Courses close at 13:00

Fees Non-BO members: Adults £6, Juniors £3
British orienteering members: Adults £4, Juniors £2, HH juniors £FREE.
Adults accompanying juniors are free. Extra maps, if available, £1.
Punching Sportident punching will be used.
Dibber hire £1.00. Charge for lost dibbers £30
Map  1:10,000 with 5m contours, updated winter 2016-7.

For map of a previous event see here.

Facilities Café  and toilets near start and finish.
Dogs Please keep under control at all times and deposit waste in a poo bin.
Safety Orienteering is an adventure sport. You take part at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety.

Cross Six Hills Way only by the underpass.

Take care near lakes, the water is deep.

Planner Hugh Wiltshire
Organiser Penny Parkes
Controlling  Roger Moulding