Youth League 2015-16


Welcome to the 2015 / 2016 Hertfordshire Youth Orienteering League.

As in previous years the league will run over the winter, from October to March, based on the HH Saturday Series. In a change to previous years, there will 6 events with 4 scores to count. The scoring events are listed below and the rules are attached.

Rule changes

Last year there were a couple of significant rule changes, which we will be retaining for the current season.

  • Joker points: We introduced joker points if an individual attends a non-schools league HH event or a level C event run by any club. Up to 2 sets of Joker points can be earned and these are doubled if the competitor also joins HH. These will not count towards a Group’s score. The motivation is to encourage youth league competitors to make the transition to Sunday events and encourage individual HH membership. The rule was successful in this aim, but please make sure everyone is aware of the rule from the start of the season. I will try to ensure that Joker points are claimed earlier in the season.
  • Shadowing: Shadowing is still allowed on Yellow and Orange. The rules contain a definition of shadowing making it is clear that it is just for safety and to prevent distress if the competitor becomes seriously lost. If direct assistance is given the competitor should be non-competitive. I will be relying on competitor’s honesty.

As a further minor change this year, individual members of a pair (or triple) will now get 75% of the points. The full score will count to the group’s score as before.


I have a couple of requests to help us run the league:

  • If you are bringing a large group to an event then it would be helpful if you could pre-register the competitors so that they can be pre-entered in the database and dibbers allocated. This will speed up registration on the day as those pre-entered will not need to register. The list provided need only be provisional it will be possible to make changes on the day. Please contact the event organiser (whose details will be on the web) to do this.
  • Secondly, we would like to encourage Schools and Groups that come to the league regularly to take Group membership of the club, which I know quite a few of you have done in the past. Your membership is of great benefit to the club when we are applying for grants / recognition from outside agencies

Event list

All of the events are on Saturday mornings with starts from 10:00 to 11:30. The very provisional list of events is:

  • Saturday 3rd October, Oaklands College, StAlbans
  • Saturday 7th November, Stanborough Park, Welwyn Garden City
  • Saturday 6th December, Verulamium Park, St Albans
  • Saturday 23rd January, Panshanger, Welwyn Garden City
  • Saturday 27th February, Sherrards Park Wood, Welwyn Garden City
  • Saturday 19th March, Frithsden east, Berkhamstead

Not all permissions are yet to be confirmed, so please check the website. Locations did change last year. The event details for every event will be on the HH website around 4 weeks before the event.


Results will be posted on the web around 2 weeks after an event, however provisional results will be sent out by email slightly before this. Please email the organiser if you wish to be included on this distribution.

Lets hope for a good season. Any further questions please email me on
Jacob Sharpe 
Hertfordshire Orienteering Youth League Organiser