Orienteering is for runners and joggers

Fitness gain without pain, whether you’re an occasional jogger or the running-club champ. Come and see!

You’ll work harder because you’re distracted by the navigation, even this easy stuff. You could try our off-trail events too. As you progress, the distraction trick gives you a workout that’s hard to beat, and it’s fun! Swap variety for that same old route.

Whatever your level, it’s rocket fuel!


What is Street & Park orienteering?

We’ll lend you a timing chip and give you a map showing a series of checkpoints.  Run,  jog, or walk to visit as many as you can in 45mins. 8-10k for them all. Lose points for going over time.

Map and card


Newcomers welcome!Feather

Wear your usual running gear and a watch. You don’t need anything else.  Look for our banner in the car park.

Male runner 2Events are Tuesdays at 7 pm in spring / summer, in changing locations around central Herts.   Look for “Street-O” in our fixtures list.  Runs last 45 mins.

The 2018 Street-O season runs from April 10th to August 28th.

Entry £3. Club members £2 (and there are lots of other reasons to join us).

At most Street-O events,  U16s must run with an adult.
Female runner 2


For more information, contact

The sky’s the limit…

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