StreetO Fixtures


What? A Series of Urban events around central Hertfordshire.
45 minute Score event – visit as many controls as you can in 45 minutesYou can walk, run or jog.   The area covered each night will be different, even when the start point has not changed.  Bring a pen, a watch and your SI dibber if you have one.
When? Tuesday nights from early May with STARTS from 19.00 – 19.20
Who? Everyone from 16+ who fancies an evening run with a difference.You can walk and jog too!The events will involve crossing busy roads so will in general NOT be suitable for under 16s unless accompanied by an adult. Evenings where it will be possible for under 16s to participate unaccompanied are marked with an *
How much? £2 per evening or £10 for 6 evenings – the voucher can also be used in the Summer Series

For more details, please contact David on

Fixture List