Schools & Youth League Results for Northaw


Attached are the provisional results for Northaw and the Youth League after 5 events.    Northaw Results (open in a new window).  Thanks to everyone who attended.

St Albans High School won the league and the Maureen Webster memorial Trophy. Beachwood Park School won the round and if they compete for the full season will push the High School hard next year.

The Saturday series continues throughout the summer and your all very welcome to attend. It would be excellent to see some of the league competitors at these events.

Please send me any corrections. Anyone who has attended 3 events is eligible for a medal, please contact me if you were not at the final event. Place medals are available to those in the top 3 (who have done 3 events) again contact me.

There is likely to be a rule change on shadowing next year, probably to allow it on Yellow and stop it on all other courses. The current system is both completely unpoliceable and often relying on complete guess work by me. I am worried though that this will encourage “assisted” runs on Yellow as opposed to shadowing.  Any comments on this are welcome.

Best wishes