Club League after Pippingford


The club league results after the victorious Compass Sport Cup heat at Broxbourne and the SE League event at Pippingford are here.
Broxbourne was an exercise in finding pits in indeterminate white and light green, punctuated by jumping over ditches Those of us with long legs found the latter easier than the former. The most improved juniors were Gemma Gostick, Sam Fielding and Beth Hanson, seniors were David Frampton, Alison Saunders and Tony Harden. Alison is running so much faster than her handicap that this was her 7th-fastest run of the season!
The planner at Pippingford started a thread on nopesport suggesting Pippingford might be the best area in the South East. It was certainly physically challenging, especially for those who had run the night before. The best runs were from Alison Saunders, David Frampton and Alison Harding, and juniors Daniel Figg, Sam Fielding and Gemma Gostick.
Overall, Alison Saunders has increased her lead over David Hodson who didn’t run at the last 2 events, and Tony Harden has come up into 3rd. Of the juniors, Daniel Figg is a hair’s breadth ahead of Sam Fielding.
The final club league event of the season and the final SE League event is at Charlton near Chichester on May 4th, the first Bank Holiday Saturday. Entries are already open on Fabian4, so get in before the Captain’s prodder!