Youth League results – Phasels Wood


The well attended 4th round of the Youth League saw Beechwood Park School winning in both the League and Maureen Webster Memorial Trophy competitions.  Their lead in the league is now unassailable, and so they are are our new winners, ending a 5 year winning streak by the St Albans High School.

In the Maureen Webster Memorial Trophy, St Albans High School have a slender 9 point lead to take into the last round.

Full results..

The last round is at Ashridge on the 7th March. 

I will be at the Ashridge event with both competitor’s and place medals. Competitor’s medals are awarded to any junior who has attended 3 events. Place medals are for those in the top 3 in each class, provided they have attended 3 events. They can sometimes be hard to award on the day (as final positions can be uncertain), but I will try.

Since the start of this season it has been possible to claim bonus points: these are awarded for attending Sunday events, doubled if you are a club member. Two sets of bonus points can be claimed, up to a maximum of 40 points.  Bonus points have now been claimed by competitors on the Girl’s Yellow and Girl’s Orange Courses and they are effecting positions on Girl’s Orange. On the day, I will award medals on the basis of positions with bonus points. However, with this rule only being enacted late in the season, then anyone who is “denied” a medal by bonus points will be allowed to claim it after the season, if they fulfil the condition for Bonus points by the start of next season (though they can only make a claim for one further medal, they can’t claim a silver after 1 set of bonus points and later a gold). The reason for the Bonus point rule is to encourage wider participation and club membership.

Jacob Sharpe
League Organiser