Post-O, week 5


A lockdown-friendly exercise idea

Week 1 (up to 28 Apr): Visit as many postboxes as you can in 45 mins
Week 2: (up to 5 May): Improve on week 1 – time or number of boxes.
Week 3: (up to 12 May): Run without repeating any post-box legs from the last run.
Week 4: (up to 19 May): Alternate between a central box and other boxes.
Week 5: (up to 26 May): As many postboxes, as large an area circumscribed.


ParticipantWk 1 TimeWk 1 PBsWk 2 TimeWk 2 PBsWk 3 TimeWk 3 PBsWk 4 TimeWk 4 PBsWk 5 TimeWk 5 PBs
Matt Ironside36:3513
Andrea Hampanijad>45 mins770 mins651:487
Emma Crump34:41938:251035:281037:461036:177 (142ha)
Karen Cleveland Marwick36 mins930:56940:021041:0110 (92ha)
Máire Convery????44:431346:241344:371046:4812
Rob Casserley43:3922
Dawn Figg38:5212
Kevin Parkes42:401446:091247:141443:09844:1412 (146ha)
Penny Parkes50:44644:03745:08642:30744:045
Anne Stockley41:3917
Anthony Barnes??19
David Hodson44:581542:341843:1519
Viv Hodson39:451043:201344:459
Helen & Peter Errington44:551546:081144:5815
Simon Errington59:07??70 mins2459:26
James Errington53:54??62 mins24
David Dixon41:381543:342044:011344:491740:3615 (313ha)
Mike Bennett45:121642:521645:171343:001342:309 (268ha)
Adam Leaf45:461844:591444:181551:0013 (247ha)
Rachel Sequeria41:041445:0615
Rory Percival<45 mins14
David Heale38:211240:201143:041337:1512 (175ha)
Alan Rosen48:461652:1415 (324ha)
Dave & Lucy Allard30:30737:56938:317
Neil Gostick38:35943:48945:09945:2313 (200ha)
Sarah Dixon41:489
Hannah Nesbit44:291646:101340:0513 (260ha)
Ana Sousa44:0510
Emese Sváb39:3411
Nicola Trotman36:441140:101240:1011 (155ha)


1.  Use OpenOrienteeringMap (  Zoom in to your place of residence, and click to generate a map.  Use the Add Postboxes button. Suggest using default 1:10,000 scale; move centre around or flip between landscape/portrait as sensible, and add your start/finish point.  If you want a walk-through please see this short video:

2.  Print out a copy of the map (“Save & get PDF map” button at top-right).  Plan a route if you wish!

3.  On or before the following Tuesday (any time before 7:00pm) and starting from the edge of your property, run/walk past as many postboxes as possible and get back home in 45 mins.  *This is your once-daily exercise*.  Take care around road-users and pedestrians; maintain social distancing and prioritise safety over speed.

4.  Send on your time and number of postboxes to me for collation (but it’s not a competition…)

5.  Optional but recommended – upload your route and time/number of postboxes to Strava, and join the HH Strava group
If there are a few of you running in the same area we may also be able to set up a RouteGadget page to compare routes.

6.  Join the post-run social – Tuesdays, 8pm, whether or not you’ve run. [details sent to club members by email]

7.  Each week while we are unable to offer other events, I’ll come up with a variation of the activity, based on the same map.

Andrea's Post-O montage
Andrea’s Post-O montage

Simon Errington’s Deer