Stanborough – HH Saturday League, 9th November 2013


Organisers Comments

Control 2 on the Orange course
Control 2 on the Orange course
Stanborough Finish

Thanks for coming to our Saturday League event in Stanborough Park last weekend. Stanborough Park is ideal for both beginners and seasoned experts. It’s hills offer scope for some strenuous running and the lakes and river provide interest and route choice. Dave Tookey’s courses used the area to the full and ensured an excellent challenge at all levels. Thanks go to Finesse Leisure for allowing us to use the Park and our team of Happy Helpers, who made the event possible.

Congratulations to Lucy Edmond, winner of the Yellow course; Dominic Lee, winner of the Orange course; David Frampton, winner of the Light Green course; and Kevin Fielding, winner of the Light Green plus Extension course. But even if you didn’t win, we hope you enjoyed the challenge and will come along to our next event in Rothamstead Park in Harpenden on Saturday 7 December.