HH league season 10 final results


Final club league results are now available.

Congratulations are due to (fanfare) juniors Thomas M’Caw, Josh M’Caw and Daniel Figg, and (another fanfare) seniors Frances Goldingay, Mick Smith and Dawn Figg. Frances often remarks that she’s near the top after 2 or 3 events but then drops back. This year she kept it up and did enough events to be able to discard a couple of less flattering results. An example for us all.

Ian Byford finished 11 out of 13 events, closely followed by Mick Smith and Penny Parkes with 10. If there were a booby prize for the lowest score in 6 completed events, it would either go to Helen Marsden or me, and only one of us was carrying a passenger.

There is another table listing (height adjusted) speeds in minutes per km at each event. You can’t directly compare one event to another, especially in a season like we’ve just had where conditions have been so variable. However, the listing in median speed order should help you look at people near your speed and see at which events each of you did better. Personally, I find that more interesting than the main league table. Note that at the top, newcomer Mark Purkis may be faster than our club captain!

It now all starts again. Your handicap will be adjusted depending on your median speed this season, and over the summer Kevin and I will agree a set of events for next year. Most will be events where we’re competitive as a club – SE League, Compass Sport Cup etc – but other relatively local and ‘user-friendly’ events will be included.

Enjoy the summer, now it appears we might have one. See a lot of you at St Albans City Race on 28 April: there’s still time to enter!