Captains Log, July 2013


Summer sun and sweaty runs! July was too hot for running in my view, although I did enjoy a couple of the events below.
The club highlight in August was the YBT final, where our Junior Team had some excellent runs in the heat and humidity, taking 7th place overall. Scorers were Beth (96), Sam (95), James (94), Matthew (93), Maria (92), Mark (92), Evan (89), Alex (87), Francesca (81) and Matthew (81). Many thanks to all those who attended and ran for the club.

There were also the following notable results for HHers:
On 13th July at the Swindon Urban (SEUOL event) Mick Smith won the super-vets race (second in a row)!
On 14th July at the OD event at Sutton Park, Richard Freeman was a very creditable third on Green
On 20th July at the Goldsworth Park Urban (SEOUL event) Mick Smith won the super-vets race (third in a row)!
On 27th July to 3rd August at the Scottish Six Days in Moray, the following achieved Top 20 Finishes:
Helen Marsden 2nd at W35S Alison Harding 4th at W50L Mike Jubb 4th at M40S Gillian Jubb 8th at W35L Alex Fielding 9th at M10A Laura Bayne 9th at W14B Janet Rosen 11th at W55L Alison Saunders 12th at W50S Hannah Freeman 14th at W10A Hedley Calderbank 14th at M60S Gillian Hanson 14th at W45S Bryony Harding 15th at W20L Josh M’Caw 16th at M12A Beth Hanson 16th at W18L Richard Freeman 17th at M50S Thomas M’Caw 19th at M14A Samuel Fielding 19th at M16A.

As you can see, I was not on the list – my best day was spent at the Happy Huddle on the beach in the sunshine at Roseisle!

For August, the HertsARC Tuesday Night sessions move on to Ellenbrook before returning to St Albans for the finale (, and I should also mention the Sprint Champs and AGM – Please do come along to support the club on 3rd of September.

Yours, already looking forward to next season, which will kick off with the Saturday Series at Sherrrards Park wood on 7th September.

The Captain