HH club league 2014-5 final results


Afterlaurel the last event of winter 2014-5 at Angmering on 17 May, it’s time to announce the winners of the club league for the season. Congratulations to …

… Alex Fielding and Gillian Hanson. Alex was the most improved junior despite moving up to light green courses. He was followed by James Errington and Evan Bowers, both of whom ran consistently faster than year and completed many events. James was even able to discard a score over 100 i.e. faster than his median speed last season.

Of the seniors, Gill won from Helen Errington. Hedley Calderbank pipped Barry Breed for 3rd place by being the best performer in that last event at Angmering, showing the benefits of not only running well but running often!

Well done to all the leaders, and thanks to everybody who took part, especially in the events that help the club standing in the SE League, Compass Sport Cup etc.

For more detail, view PDF versions of the final results by score and by running speed. The latter representation is useful to all of us, to identify our peers in the club and how we compare at each event.

Towards the end of the summer we’ll set up events for next winter. I hope you all have good runs in the holiday events this summer and over the next season.

Mike Bennett