WGC Weekly Training run

Tuesdays at 7pm

Last autumn and winter, HH members in WGC decided they could not do without their Tuesday night fix (or did not have the self-discipline to go out training by themselves!).

So we ran every Tuesday night until Street O restarted, split between a 4.8km circuit and a 6.9km one.  Often we had a drink and a chat in the Campus West café bar afterwards.

Anybody is welcome to join us.  At around 30 minutes for 4.8km, it does not need to be very fast (and we always go at the pace of the slowest). Runners on the long circuit tend to be rather faster!  Non WGC residents and even non HH members are welcome.  We meet at the parking machine shelter near the Campus West entrance (AL8 6BX) at 7pm sharp every Tuesday.  There is no charge and the car parking is free at that time.

For the first run on 12th September, we will run last season’s normal ‘dark’ circuits to see how fit we are compared to last season.  I’ll propose a pair of somewhat different routes for subsequent weeks.

Non WGC residents can join us, or set up their own runs.

Route maps, times and comments here.